Stop Procrastinating and Start Shadowing

by Joe Previte on

For the last 6 months, I’ve said, “Okay, I’m going to do it. I’m going to shadow this month.” A week goes by. Then another week…Then a couple months and I still haven’t done it!


Because I’m trying to complicate it too much. It’s simple. So I thought, “How can we reduce the friction?” And this is what I came up with - a template for shadowing with a mix of chorusing.

In case you’re new to “shadowing”, it’s basically when you imitate another speaker in close-to real-time whereas a similar concept called “chorusing” is similar except you hear a sentence, pause, and then repeat.

A Template for Shadowing

This template is as basic as it gets:


Find a video on YouTube -> clip a 15-30s segment -> put link here


Go to -> download the SRT and put here


Spend 5mins practicing and do 5 sessions

  • [] session 1 - chorusing
  • [] session 2 - chorusing
  • [] session 3 - half chorusing & half shadowing
  • [] session 4 - shadowing
  • [] session 5 - shadowing

A Real Example


Diego Leuco - 20sec clip


Me divierte conocer Me divierte la variedad

Me gusta divertirme me gusta también de

golpe hablar de política de economía

Entonces siempre a mí me gustó esto el

el los matices los colores estar en

lugares donde no me siento cómodo para

aprender ese nuevo lugar Me divierte


  • 11/2/23
  • 11/3/23
  • 11/4/23
  • 11/5/23
  • 11/6/23


If you need help finding someone to shadow, let me know! I love researching and looking for good folks to stream. Feel free to reach out at joe (at) speakargentinianspanish dot com.

I should also mention I chose YouTube as a platform because it allows you to slow down the speed below 1x (whereas I don’t think Netflix/Disney+ do).

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