The Best Live Radio Shows in Argentina

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One thing that I absolutely love about Argentina is how much they’ve embraced technology in the last few years. By that, I simply mean there are many radio shows that not only go live locally, but stream to YouTube (and some do Twitch too)! It’s wonderful because it means people like you and me who don’t live there can enjoy it from the comfort of our homes.

Here’s a list of radio stations and shows that you can listen to on YouTube:

Urbana Play 104.3 FM

Urbana Play 104.3 FM is a radio station in Argentina that offers a variety of shows ranging from news, talk shows, and music. Most people know it for the quality programming and has gained a large following in Argentina.

Some of the popular shows on Urbana Play 104.3 FM include “La tarde de Urbana Play,” which is a daily show that covers a wide range of topics such as news, entertainment, and lifestyle.

Another popular show on the station is “Urbana Club,” which is a music show that plays a mix of Latin and international hits. Overall, Urbana Play 104.3 FM is a great station to tune into if you want to experience the best of Argentinian radio.


This is probably my all-time favorite of the ones in this list. They are the largest in terms of size (over 1M subscribers at the time of writing) and offer a variety of shows hosted by various guests. There are too many to cover here but my all time favorite is called Antes Que Nadie. You can search for the hashtag here. The shows happen live a couple times a week but the timezones never work out for me (I’m in Arizona). They also engage with listeners through Whatsapp and oftentimes play voice messages on air. It’s a great chance for you to participate as well.

Radio Mitre

Radio Mitre is probably one of the more “traditional” shows. They’re a typical radio station in that they offer a wide range of shows, including news, sports, and music. One of their most popular shows is “Lanata sin filtro,” which is a political talk show hosted by journalist Jorge Lanata. It’s known for its in-depth analysis of current events in Argentina and beyond. Another popular show on Radio Mitre is “Cienradios,” which is a music show that plays a mix of classic and contemporary hits. Give it a listen and see if you like it!

Radio La Red

This one is for the sports fans. Maybe the equivalent of our ESPN. They offer extensive coverage of both local and international sports, with shows dedicated to football, rugby, and more. One of their most popular shows is “Un buen momento,” which is hosted by journalist Gustavo López. This show is known for its lively discussions and debates about the latest sports news and events. Another popular show on Radio La Red is “Futbol 910,” which is a football-focused show that covers everything from the latest transfer rumors to post-match analysis.


This one came up when I was researching this blog post. I believe it’s a public radio station that covers culture, music, history and news. I know the least about this one but wanted to include it because it’s worth investigating for yourself.


Live radio shows are an excellent way to experience the culture and traditions of Argentina. And improve you’re listening skills! Whether you are interested in politics, sports, or music, there is a show for you. This are some of the best ones I’ve found and I’m sure you’ll find yourself slowing turning into a fan of one of them in no time. Enjoy!

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