A List of Coding Terms in Spanish

by Joe Previte on

When you’re thinking of expanding your vocabulary, one area you should pick is the industry you work in. For me, I work professionally as a programmer so I chose to make a list of coding terms (with the help of my Argentinian friend who is also a programmer).

I decided to share this here so it’ll help you learn these words too!

Coding Terms

Here is a short list of words you should know:

  • server - servidor
  • front-end - frontend
  • back-end - backend
  • client - cliente (like a machine, host, pc)
  • API - api
  • request - consulta
  • library - libreria
  • NPM module - modulo npm
  • function - función
  • developer - desarrollador
  • programmer - programador
  • website - sitio web
  • app - aplicación
  • click - cliquear
  • scroll - desplazar
  • full-stack - full-stack

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